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Chris Sullivan is a man who wears many hats, both physically and metaphorically. On any one day, he can be painting portraits, disk-jockeying, writing for a national publication or pondering over his next book or script.. but not usually all at the same time. 

“To me they are all the same basic discipline,’  he mutters defensively. “ Art is painting with paints, writing is painting with words and music is painting with musical notes.”

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Chris Sullivan is, and has been at various times, a DJ, author, nightclub host, band frontman, painter, style commentator, entrepreneur, script-writer, fashion designer, artist and all-round godfather of partying. 

Coming to London from Merthyr Tydfil in South Wales in the mid 70s (despite being in London for over 40 years, you can still hear his booming Welsh accent over any crowd), he went on to study Art at Central St Martins, followed by creating and front-manning the high-concept Virgin-signed Latin funk band, Blue Rondo A La Turk in the 1980s. 

He went on to run the famed London nightclub, (having been referenced to have birthed club culture in the UK as we know it) The Wag Club. Opened in 1982 on 33 Wardour St, Soho, It's eclectic blend of latin jazz, vintage funk, northern soul, hip hop and house, revolutionized nightlife across the entire country.

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Sullivan's band, Blue Rondo à la Turk was a floating collective of jazz and salsa oriented musicians, led by singer/lyricist Sullivan, whose stated goal for the band was "to bring back show biz". 

Sullivan co-wrote most of the band's original material; he also painted the distinctive cubist art that adorned most of the band's releases. 

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