WE CAN BE HEROES by graham smith and chris sullivan 

In the early 1980s, London nightlife blossomed and fashion, music and clubbing would never be the same again. The press dubbed these night birds the New Romantics. Graham Smith was at the centre of this creative cult. He designed its record sleeves, cultivated its graphics and captured its characters, taking extraordinary pictures throughout the period, most of which have never been reproduced before. This beautiful book is the first insider account of this uniquely creative time. 

The 320-page coffee-table book contains 400 photographs and 100 voxpop interviews by Graham Smith, with main text by Chris Sullivan, other contributions from Robert Elms, Boy George, Steve Strange and Gary Kemp. 

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Chris Sullivan recalling some ripe tales of excess, at a gallery showing of the images from the WE CAN BE HEROES

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